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Benefits of liquified petroleum gas

The increasing traffic increases costs and leads to environmental pollution. Therefore, future oriented concepts to save energy are in high demand.

Liquified petroleum gas is such a concept. We are a very reliable partner in that area, and we ensure that you will always be on the move.

By driving a car that is operated by liquified petroleum gas, depending on your driving style and your type of vehicle, it is possible to drive 300 to 600 km with one full tank. Plus, there are significantly less emissions of harmful exhaust gas components compared to cars operated by petrol or diesel (up to 80% less).

Your benefits at one glance

  • Reduction of fuel costs
  • Short payback period
  • Mature technique
  • Easy installation in vehicles with a petrol engine
  • Growing gas station network
  • High scope
  • Easy changeover from gas to petrol – also while driving
  • Unified, European wide standardised fuel quality according to DIN EN 589
  • Very low pollutant emissions
  • Soft and careful combustion
  • Low noise emissions

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