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Liquid gas in gas tank

Real estate owners or builders must take into consideration a wide range of different factors when it comes to choosing the right thermal energy. Economic efficiency, reliability and the environment. Liquid gas offers many benefits that make it an outstanding thermal energy compared to other types of energy.

A clean affair

Using liquid gas puts you in the forefront of environmental sustainability. Because of its very high degree of purity it burns almost without any residue – soot, ashes and particulate matter only appear in very small quantities. Concerning the carbon footprint, this climate friendly source of energy scores high compared to other fuels with significantly lower values. Liquid gas is not toxic or water polluting, which makes it an ideal source of energy for ecological homeowners.

Space-saving and overall availability

As a source of energy liquid gas is very flexibly applicable. It is everywhere available and can be used independently from an existing network. This means: You will enjoy the gas comfort wherever you want. This climate friendly energy is stored directly on the outside of your house or in compact aboveground or subterranean tanks.

Economical and cost-efficient

Liquid gas saves energy costs because the low-emission combustion guarantees an especially high degree of utilization. Combined with modern condensing boiler technology liquid gas offers maximum efficiency and guarantees a very low consumption of energy and a low financial burden. Plus, you benefit from very low investments and low maintenance costs.

Flexible and divers

From the low-temperature boiler to the gas boiler to the compact condensing boiler – the options for you as a client are limitless. We can install wall mounted floor heating systems as well as a gas heating centre under your roof. It is equally possible to combine a liquid gas system with other technologies such as an ecologically efficient solar system, a modern mini cogeneration unit or a heat pump.

Absolutely future proof

Liquid gas doesn’t need to get extracted as opposed to oil or natural gas. By extracting and processing natural gas and crude oil, it is obtained in great quantities. That is why heating with liquid gas is absolutely future proof.

Convenient supply

We will take care of reliably supplying your tank with liquid gas – no matter where you live or where you want to build your future home. Sungas provides you with liquid gas while maintaining the highest quality standards. That way we guarantee you the optimal functioning of your heating system.

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