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Click- & Go-system – Your benefits at a glance

More time saving

No need for a wrench anymore. Fast changing of bottles through the effortless insertion of the automatic quick lock adapter. This will save you half of the setup time normally needed with an ordinary propellant bottle.

1. The separation of the quick lock adapter is easily done by pushing the release button!

Mehr Zeitersparnis mit Klick-& Go-System

More savings

Quick lock adapter
Working more efficiently

2. You can effortlessly install your quick lock adapter on your lift truck!

Mehr Einsparungen mit Klick-& Go-System

More safety

No more uncontrolled gas leakage thanks to the check valve
High convenience

3. Only after opening the safety lever is it possible to open the check valve on the propellant bottle!

Mehr Sicherheit mit Klick-& Go-System