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The Sungas app

Stay informed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. We guarantee you that by using the Sungas app you will never run out of gas ever again.

Monitoring of the fill level

We are going to make your life easier. Monitor the fill level of your gas tank with the help of the telemetry of WIKON via your smartphone or iPhone. Anytime and anywhere. Apart from the current fill level, the last 4 fill levels are taken schematically. That way you will have a real overview of your consumption and can decide on ordering more gas when needed.

Missed to order gas?

Don’t worry. Sungas makes sure that the fill level of your tank maintains a level of 30% and contacts you before you place an order. We take care of your well-being and your supply.

With Sungas you will never run out of gas ever again.

It has never been easier!

Download the app on your iPhone or smartphone. Sungas sends you your access data and that’s it. The application is now available in the App store and on the Android market.

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