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Bottled gas – A product with a wide range of application

There is hardly any energy source as divers as bottled gas. Filled in portable gas cylinders its range of application is almost limitless: be it for barbecue or cooking, for heating and cooling or in your garden.

Bottled gas for weed control

Get rid of irksome weed by using a flamethrower. Instead of tirelessly plucking the weed make your life easier by using a flamethrower.

Bottled gas on the camping ground

Camping the whole year round. Bottled gas driven devices provide you with thermal comfort throughout the entire year. It will get cozy even when the temperature drops. For warmer days help yourself with a cold drink from a refrigerator operated by liquid gas.

Camping fire was yesterday

Flexible thermal energy from gas cylinders with liquid gas. When the cold autumn air spoils your pleasure of sitting outdoors, terrace heaters – operated by bottled gas - will conveniently prolong your evening on your terrace. They prolong parties with heat and well-being – very simple and very cozy.

Elegant camping fire atmosphere for your balcony and terrace: Outdoor gas fire places operated by bottled gas will conjure up a classy sense of coziness on your terrace. They are the ideal solution for everyone who loves the atmosphere of a camping fire but who wants to forego the lighting of the fire, annoying flying sparks and irksome smoke and ashes. The bottled gas driven fire places find a spot even on covered terraces, balconies or in a limited space. In our shop Energus in Luxembourg we have the perfect outdoor fire place for every taste.